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Dec 17, 2011 6:00pm PST
to texas, the measure would be paid by the fee from family and freddie mac. >>> it was not be excusable for congress to extend this middle class tax cut . >> the house will act on the bill next week. >>> and police arrest two men, and yet another man in a homicide case this week. michael miller turned himself in on thursday, the victim, 48- year-old jeff patterson was found dead from blunt force trauma on monday. deputies initially arrested a man who was released on monday, a second man was arrested but released without charges. >>> and a registered sex offender accused of kidnapping and raping a woman in oakley now is behind bars. steven clark was arrested around midnight at the cathedral hill neighborhood. the contra costa sheriff's department says he became friends with a woman on saturday, and then kidnapped her and raped her at his home. he had previously been convicted of raping another woman in texas. >>> and san jose police arresting a woman regarding theft. they say that 28-year-old sandy velazquez claimed to be a friend, and now faces six counts of felony grand theft. >> and
Dec 8, 2011 6:00pm PST
playoffs. because the l.a. angels just bought themselves two key components to compete with texas in the a.l. west. the prized free agent in the major leagues albert pew "local on the 8s" agrees to a 454 contract with the angels. he is coming off his second world series champion. now the machine goes to the american league will he can play first base and d.h. when he gets older. and the angels added starting pitcher c.j. wilson. wilson helped texas reach the world series the last two seasons, but he is a southern california native and the angels out bid both the rangers and miami marlins. >>> both nba owners and players ratified the new collective bargains agreement today. the feeding frenzy officially begins tomorrow. and today, several sources report that the l.a. lakers will get all star point guard chris paul from new orleans in a three team trade. the lakers are reportedly send lag march odom to the jorge meants and paul gasol to houston. the rockets send three players to new orleans. >> and the sharks host the dallas stars tonight. the last time they met they had several fights. in
Dec 19, 2011 6:00pm PST
in the country. it placed 7th this year. plano, texas topped the list. the city is just outside of dallas. henderson, nevada, santa ana and lincoln, nebraska. >>> mark joins us now. we have one more story. governor jerry brown was on hand to light the first candle on capital menorah. >>> rabbis were there. one of whommed the governor for a miracle, a balanced budget. >>> mark is here with sports. i hate to say this, i turned the game out thinking the raiders won. little did i know. >> man, those of us who follow the raiders, this is one of the devastating losses ever. might blow them out of the playoffs. down couple minutes left, they were up 13, in the final 5 minutes defensive backfield badged up, injuries forcing them out of their man-to-man coverage. one huge play after another. most of it goes the johnson. and coach jackson asked to address that situation today. >> i am not going to say it was confusion. they beat us. beat us down the middle of the field. make a heck of a play. i don't think there is mass confusion like everybody thinks there is. the first half, we made those plays,
Dec 23, 2011 6:00pm PST
today. they loaded up a cargo plane with 1200 toys. that plane took off for fort campbell texas. they will go to troops returning from deployment to go to their children. >> there won't be chestnuts on an open fire tomorrow. air quality officials have declared another spare the air day. that means the burning of wood, manufactured fire logs or any solid fuel inside or out is banned unless it's your only source of heat. tomorrow will be the 9th winter spare the area alert this season. last year there were only four. >> last year we had more storms to help mix up the atmosphere. we all know its been a very dry month and dry for today. this was a time l aps e looking out toward the tower. the clouds starting to clear out and temperatures are cooling off. as far as current numbers look at the 6:00 hour in to the upper 30s in fairfield. right now 38 degrees, concord at 44. livermore checking in around 46 and most of the areas down to the 20s, neighborhoods down to 20s for tomorrow morning. as a result freeze warning kicks in at 11:00 tonight. the inland valleys north bay, east bay,
Dec 24, 2011 6:00pm PST
of snow of covered radios in el port angeles texas, where officers respended toy responded to a rash of accidents there. and parts of three major highways in new mexico are all closed tonight. >>> cold weather in the barack in the bay area has prompted a spare-the-air day. >>> speak of the weather, rudolf will not need to turn on the red nose because it's clear sailing. mark tamayo in the weather center with more. >> that is right, precip--free weather, with no rain in the bay area, but basically just haze out there. overall, it was a very nice day for christmas eve. overall clear skies, a few high clouds pushing into the region, but it's already in the upper 30s in fairfield at 38 degrees. san francisco at 54 and mountainview, 53 and san josi, 51. another freeze warning to talk about as we head into christmas morning. in fact, it begins tonight at 11:00. lasting all the way until 9:00 tomorrow morning. once again, the same areas for the inland valleys. overnight lows tomorrow morning in the coolest spots back down to the 20s to lower 30s. in fact, here is a look at the breakdown fo
Dec 27, 2011 6:00pm PST
security and his experience as texas governor. recent polls show ron paul has a slight lead. >> republican voters may not be satisfied with the choices out there. that helps ron paul because he has those supporters that will turn out. >> reporter: mitt romney is expected to arrive in the state tonight. he has a full day of campaigning tomorrow. >>> some say california voters may have a say in the outcome if the presidential rain is close. >> the primary in june could have a role in deciding the contender. >> reporter: the republican race reminds him of the lengthy contest between hillary clinton and barack obama, that nomination wasn't decided until june of 2008. >>> investors and traders could soon be taking bets on the outcome of u.s. elections. the north american derivative exchange is officering trading. the commodity futures trading commission has until january 4th to reject the application or ask for more time. >>> travel websites are getting big competition now from google. the internet giant is putting search research from its own ticket search service ahead of results from other s
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6